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Asus 90w Adapter notebook M2 M3 M5 M8 S1 S5 S8 SERIES

July 25th, 2014
Asus 90w Adapter notebook M2 M3 M5 M8 S1 S5 S8 SERIES

Asus 90w 19v 4.74a ac adapter. Output: dc 19v, 4.74a 90w autosense. Connecter tip size: 5.5mm dia, 2.5mm inner, 12 mm long. Include: power adapter and power cord. Asus a1 series: a1, a1000, a2000c, a1000b, a1000d, a1000f, a11, a12, a1200, a1200-c700. A1300, a1300-p700, a1b, a1d, a1f. Asus a2 series: a2, a2000, a2000c, a2000d, a2000g, a2000h, a2000k, a2000l, a2000s, a2000t.

A2514h, a2534h, a2540h, a27, a28, a2c, a2d, a2g, a2h, a2k, a2l, a2s, a2t. Asus a4 series: a4, a40, a4d, a4g, a4ga, a4k, a4ka, a4l, a4s.

Asus b1 series: b1, b1000, b1000a, b12, b1a. Asus f7 series: f74, f7000, f7400, f7400b, f74b, f7b. Asus l1 series: l1, l1000, 1000a, l1000b, l1400, l1a, l1b. Asus l2 series: l2, l2400b l2400g, l2400e, l2b, l2d, l2e. Asus l3 series: l3, l3000, l3000c, l3000d, l3000h, l3000s, l3000tp, l31, l3100, l32, l3200, l34. L3400, l35, l3500, l3800, l3c, l3d, l3h, l3s, l3tp. Asus l4 series: l4, l4000, l4000e, l4000h, l4000l, l4000r, l41, l42, l44, l45, l4e, l4h, l4l, l4r. Asus l7 series: l7, l7000, l7000b, l7000c, l7000d, l7000e, l7000g, l7000h, l7200, l7300, l7b. L7c, l7d, l7e, l7g, l7h.
Asus l8 series: l8, l8000, l6000b, l8000c, l8000ce, l8000f, l8000k, l8000l, l64, l8400, l8400b. L8400c, l8400ce, l8400f, l8400k, l8400l, l84b, l84c, l84ce, l84f, l84k, l84l. Asus m1 series: m1, m1000, m1000a, m1a. Asus m2 series: m2, m2000, m2000a, m2000c, m2000e, m2000n, m2000ne, m2a, m2c, m2e, m2n. Asus m3 series: m3, m3n, m3np.

Asus m5 series: m5, m5000, m5000ae, m5000n, m5000np, m500a, m500ae, m500n, m500np. M5200, m5200a, m5200ae, m5200np, m5601n, m5606n, m5622n, m5642n, m5a, , m5ae, m5n, m5np. Asus m8 series: m8, m8000, m8000b, m8000c, m8200, m8200b, m8200c, m8300, m8300b, m8300c. Asus s1 series: s1, s1000, s1000a, s1000b, s1000n, s13, s1300, s1300a, s1300b, s1300n, s13a. S13b, s13n, s1a, s1b, s1n.

Asus s5 series: s5, s5000, s5000a, s5000n, s5000ne, s5000np, s5a, s5n, s5ne, s5np. Asus s8 series: s8, s8000, s8000a, s82, s8200, s8200a, s82a, s86, s8600, s8600a, s86a, s8a. Asus t9 series: t9, t9000, t9000a, t90a, t9300a, t93a, t9400a, t94a, t9a. Asus v6 series: v6, v6000, v6000v, v6800v, v6v.

Asus w1 series: w1, w1g, w1ga, w1gc, w1n, w1na, w1v. Asus w2 series: w2, w2000, w2000v, w2v. Asus w5 series: w5, w5a, w5ae. Asus w6 series: w6, w6000, w6000a, w6a. Asus z3 series: z3, z30, z3000, z3000n, z30n, z31, z3100, z31n, z33, z3300, z33a, z3a, z3n. Asus z6 series: z6, z60, z6000, z6000a, z6000ae, z6000n, z60a, z60ae, z60n, z60np, z61, z6100. Z61a, z61ae, z61n, z61np, z63, z6300, z63a, z63ae, z63n, z63np, z6a, z6ae, z6n, z6np. Asus z7 series: z7, z70, z7000, z7000a, z7000n z7000ne, z8000v, z70a, z70n, z70ne, z70v, z71.

Asus z9 series: z9, z90, z9000, z9000r, z90r, z91, z9100, z9100e, z9100er, z9100g, z9100l. Z9100n, z91e, z91er, z91g, z91l, z91n, z92, z9200, z9200g, z9200l, z9200ne, z9200u, z9200va. Z92g, z92l, z92ne, z92u, z92va, z93, z9300, z9300e, z93e, z99, z9r.

The item “Asus 90w Adapter notebook M2 M3 M5 M8 S1 S5 S8 SERIES” is in sale since Wednesday, December 17, 2008. This item is in the category “Computers/Tablets & Networking\Wholesale Lots\Desktop Computers”.

The seller is “leriverhouse” and is located in Newbury Park, California. This item can only be shipped to United States.

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